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Louis, Liam and Zayn messing with Niall during his solo of “Loved you first” 5/8.13

it looks like softcore porno

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About Italian fan action (28/06/’14)

I’m fucking tired of this situation, so I decided to write this post in my horrible English just because all of this needs an explanation. 
So, I was in San Siro the 27 working my ass off with other (more or less) 40/50 VOLUNTEERS. We were not paid, we were fans working for all of you just because we wanted to do something nice for the boys. 
So. Now, I don’t know the real date but we were talking about this coreography/fan action since long time, long before the news about the DVD was spread. 
You probabily don’t know but in Italy is VERY COMMON to prepare fan action (we call them coreography).

Here some example from Milan and Inter (every single display is organised by them)





We worked with the creator of every display for Curva Sud Milano (AC Milan ultras), two other members of Curva Sud and the president of Bon Jovi Italian fanclub and another girl from his fanclub. The others were just fans, like me. We worked really really really hard for 8 hours placing every single piece of plastic under the seats. You really don’t know how big is San Siro.

We were fucking tired and now we have to read all the hate? Fuck, you have to revaluate your priorities because we just wanted to do something nice to make them smile, and we did it. 
Modest!Management has NOTHING to do with the fan action. 

I want to say thank you to all the people at the stadium who raised their hands  for the fan action. When I saw the fan action for the first time I felt like a mum who hugs her child for the first time :’) 

Fan action aka fans in action. (presso Stadio San Siro)

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